You’ve been exhausted all day! Why aren’t you sleeping at night!?

koalaI’ve been EXHAUSTED all day and, lo and behold, the night comes and I’m the poster child for the Katie Perry song. You wonder how in the world I’m up when all I’ve done is complained all day about how I miss my pillow. Well, here’s the deal, many people that suffer from this crap I have go through the same thing. Sleep problems are common, and may be the result of a variety of symptoms such as spasms, urinary frequency, depression, or anxiety, as well as medications used to manage a variety of symptoms associated with the disease. (Oh the joys)

Here’s what people need to know about your sleep issues:

1. Nobody wants to hit their pillow and sleep at night more than I do! I think I’ve broken a few world records in sheep counting.

2. Many people with my condition suffer from the exact same sleep problems. It sucks but it’s common

3. Sometimes I hate you because you can fall asleep before the lights are out. If I’m feeling particularly anxious, I may clear my throat really loudly in hopes that you’ll put a reassuring arm around me.

4. If I’m single and sleeping by myself (or not sleeping) at night, be a good friend and get me a double dirty espresso if I’m looking a little rough in the morning.

1 thought on “You’ve been exhausted all day! Why aren’t you sleeping at night!?”

  1. I know right?! After many nights of sleep deprivation and you’re at the point of going insane I hear someone comment, ” I only slept 6 hours last night I’m SOOO tired!” Inside of my mind I imagine slapping them across the face lol, sorry but I don’t remember the last time I slept for that many hours straight and if I was lucky enough to I wake up to pee pee in my bed because I wet myself lol, thankfully my hubby is understanding šŸ™‚


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