What’s up with the Spoons?

spoons2The Spoons are fundamental. If you do not know about the spoons, you need to know about the spoons. Everyone needs to know about the spoons. The Spoon Theory was birthed by Chrisitine Miserandino while trying to explain to a friend what it’s like to live with Lupus. She grabbed 12 spoons off of the surrounding tables of the restraunt she was at and gave them to her friend and said “Here, you have Lupus.”

What your friends need to know about the 12 Spoons:

1. I have 12 spoons, no more. The spoons represent the amount of energy I have for the day. Everything I do costs me a spoon, sometimes more.

2. I do not have the luxery of endless possibilites. I have to conciously think about everything I do. If I need to go to the grocery story AND to the mall, I’ll have to probably span that out over two days

3. Vacuuming costs me like 4 freaking spoons. I hate vacuuming for this purpose alone.

4. When my spoons run out, I can do no more. Even eating is too exhausting.

5. I will probably get a tattoo of a spoon

To read the entire story of the 12 spoons, please visit http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/written-by-christine/the-spoon-theory/

2 thoughts on “What’s up with the Spoons?”

  1. ha ha ha I LOVE this!!! The vacuum thing really got me laughing! I have Transverse Myelitis and I LOVE this never heard about it until now thanks for sharing….ya know I may get a tat of a spoon myself 🙂


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