“Why are you so moody”…

moodyMoody?! What do you mean by “MOODY”? I am not moody! I’m just sort of sensitive… Dammit where are the Kleenexes!?

Unfortunately, mental changes such as moodiness and depression can ensue those affected with auto-immune and neurological conditions. Depression and mood swings can be the result of a difficult situation or stress. Being left with some crazy disease can be a very confusing and scary time. For those of us with demyelinating diseases, the disease can actually destroy the myelin that surrounds nerves that transmit signals affecting moods. Depression can also be a side effect of some of the medications we take.

Things people need to know about our Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde moments

1. Don’t tell me I’m being crazy….. unless you want to see me get really crazy. That doesn’t help anything… and you make get a clock chucked at your head.

2. Sometimes I may lash out or get really down. This may be because I feel unwell, I feel discouraged, or this disease is taking a toll on my body. I need reassurance and maybe some space.

3. Watch my back for me, ok? If you think my depression or mood swings are getting out of control, it may be time for help.

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