They call me Dory… I’m sorry have we met?

Reminder Ribbon Tied to Finger
Reminder Ribbon Tied to Finger

Where are my keys? Have we met before? Where is the peanut butter? What did I do with my favorite shirt? WHO PUT THE PEANUT BUTTER IN THE DRYER? …oh yeah… I may have done that.. Explains why my favorite shirt is in the pantry..

Cognitive issues PLAGUE many people who have an auto-immune/neurological disorder. While long-term memory, conversational skill, general intellect, and reading comprehension usually remain intact, other cognitive functions such as short-term memory loss, ability to concentrate, word-finding, and planning/prioritizing are often affected. Ya’ll, this is just frustrating as crap! At times you may just feel like your losing your mind and your friends and family may begin to wonder the same thing! Rest assured, you are. Just kidding.. you’re not entirely “losing it” but you’re certainly not as “with it” as you used to be. Welcome to the new “norm”. Just slap a Dory t-shirt on and be on your Merry way.

Here is what people need to know about why your toilet paper is in the fridge and you can’t find the purse you just set down:

1. These diseases just really screw with your brain. It just sucks. Don’t yell at me or get frustrated that I lost my new sunglasses or because the milk went bad because I accidentally left it out all night. I was just as surprised as you were this morning when you found it!

2. If I ask you the same question 5 times, just answer it for crying out loud! I freaking forgot what you said! I love you and I promise I’m not just glazing over when you speak to me.

3. Don’t get all high on your horse that you just beat me at Memory… my 3 year old did the same thing this morning.

4. Please just be patient with me. It’s often embarrassing and extremely frustrating to feel like “50 first Dates” every morning when I wake up. I try to laugh off my forgetfulness but a lot of times, I’m left feeling confused and just need some reassurance that it’s ok

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