“Maybe if you just lost a little weight it would help…”

Digital Bathroom Scale Displaying OMG Message

     Are you kidding me right now? I freaking live on steroids and rice cakes. Oh, and I can’t exercise because my FREAKING body doesn’t work! Ugh, I get it though. You get this, whatever, disease you have and damned if you don’t have to start shopping a few sizes bigger than you’ve ever been in your life. While eating a clean diet and staying well hydrated are VERY IMPORTANT steps in leading a healthy life, the simple fact of the matter is that weight gain is a common side affect of having many auto-immune and neurological diseases. Fatigue, steroid therapy, and depression can all lead to weight gain. Do NOT FREAK OUT that you are no longer a size 5! <—– I haven’t been a size 5 since the 4th grade.. just for the record.

Here is what people need to know about the bigger, beautiful you:

1. DON’T freaking “let me in” on the fact that I’m gaining weight. I freaking know! And if you suggest one more time that I get a salad when we’re out to dinner, I may throat punch you.

2. My EVERYTHING hurts like 24/7. I’m not being lazy…I’m not trying to complain. I do as I can, which is much less than I’d be willing to do if I could

3. Don’t think for a second that I’m just “comfortable in my skin” or “letting myself go.” While I try to maintain a positive self image, it’s difficult to step on a scale or see myself in the mirror and wonder why I’m gaining so much weight.

4. Remind me that I’m beautiful. Not like, “Even thought your fat now I still love you.” …. Like, “You are really beautiful!”

5. Don’t assume I’m eating fat-cakes and HoHos behind your back. I’m really trying to stay as healthy as I can and know this importance of good nutrition, especially now that I’m chronically sick.

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