I can trip on air… so what’s your superpower?

skillsGetting harassed because your autoimmune/neurological condition has made you a little less than graceful? And where did that wall come from anyway? I get it! My husband tells me the song “Wobble Baby” surely must have been written for me. Am I insulted? No! I freaking wobble.. and you probably do too. I used to have such a sassy, cute gate… Now my 9 year old daughter refers to me as her cute, penguin Mom. That’s always fabulous when you’re in your 30s!

Here’s what people need to know about your mad skills:

1. Uncharacteristic clumsiness is a “normal” part of many auto-immune/neurological conditions. Dropping things, being a bull in a China shop, and running into crap is just as obnoxious to us as it is to you.

2. If you notice my wobble getting worse, I’m probably being too prideful to let you know I’m getting really fatigued and need to sit and rest. Be a dear, and make my butt sit down for a bit.

3. I know you like hiking, biking, and roller skating… I used to love those things too… but I’m not “that friend” anymore. I’m still a lot of fun… like the super funnest person to have a nice cup of coffee with or walking for like 2 minutes at a time.

2 thoughts on “I can trip on air… so what’s your superpower?”

  1. I was “blessed” being a clutz from the day I was born…now that I’ve had TM it’s of course WAY worse!! halfway through the day people that don’t know me would consider me a drunk lol….I will say one instance I was at the store with my momma she over heard a lady say something about how I was walking…….let’s just say she’ll prob. never judge a book by it’s cover again 🙂


    1. It’s so frustrating when people just don’t understand. Sometimes I feel like I need to tattoo “Disabled” on my forehead. That’s exactly why I created this blog; to help educate people and give them a glimpse into our daily struggles. ❤


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