Don’t make me laugh, I’ll pee myself..

toiletWhile many women that have had one or more children can relate to this as well, urinary and bladder control are common symptoms of many people who have auto-immune and neurological disorders. I have TOTALLY peed my pants on multiple occasions but am entirely to stubborn to start wearing the “special undergarments.” There’s really nothing more mortifying than having a good laugh only to be left in a little puddle of fun when your finished…

What people need to know about your bladder problems:

1. Nothing.. Some crap just needs to be private. If you’re a pisser like me, suck it up and wear a pad the next time you go to the comedy club.

2. But if you’re a really good friend… When I pee my pants, you just pee your pants too and we’ll all have a good wet laugh about it. ❤

2 thoughts on “Don’t make me laugh, I’ll pee myself..”

  1. I got fed up and started wearing depends silhouettes (best brand as far as absorbency and comfort) BUT when you gotta go, well then there’s no stopping it..lol.. Me, I don’t care who knows if you know me you know that there WILL be accidents from time to time, and I’m lucky enough to have friends that provide jackets to hide me from strangers or…well they’d piss themselves to if it came down to it 🙂


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