Dang girl, you are so hot!!!….. No really, why are you sweating so much? It’s like 60 degrees

too hotIt’s a beautiful 70 degree day. You used to live for beautiful 70 degree days. Now you fear any temp under 50 or over 70. Oh the joys of heat/cold intolerance. Nothing like getting all dressed up only to break out into a massive sweat as soon as you walk out the door or being bundled in wool socks at thermal underwear in the spring. Heat and cold intolerance are just another fun perk of having an auto-immune or neurological condition. When we get too hot or to cold, we experience a worsening of our symptoms, whether it be fatigue, joint pain, muscle weakness, or whatever.

Here is what people need to know about your broken temperature gage:

1. My comfort trumps your comfort. If you having muscle weakness or can’t walk well when you get hot, then we will re-evaluate. Until then, turn the AC on and all vents on me… I don’t care if it’s 50 degrees outside

2. My thermal underwear are sexy.. and so are my wool socks..and don’t you let me forget it

3. If you see me sweating profusely, or shivering, please take notice and try to help me get comfortable, even if it makes you a little uncomfortable. I don’t like to complain when everyone else seems comfortable with the temp., but it may really be hurting me.

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