Chimp facial expressions

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Parr and colleagues have performed several studies to address this first approach: Homologizing primate facial displays: From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper.
Chimpanzee Facial Expressions Explained. The performance on expression dyads that were similar versus distinctive was then compared. Differential behavioural effects of silent bared teeth display and relaxed open mouth display in chimpanzees Pan troglodytes Ethology. This research comes after the discovery that chimpanzees dip leaves in alcoholic plant sap to "get drunk" and that they have the mental capacity to cook.
Chimpanzee Facial Expressions Explained. Chimpanzees have highly developed methods of communication, including gestural movements and vocalizations. Behavioral researchers have found understanding chimpanzee facial expressions requires more attention to detail than researchers initially.

Chimpanzee Facial Expressions are Helping Researchers Understand Human Emotional Communication

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With the creation of ChimpFACS and the development of the standardized, prototypical Poser expressions described earlier, the question of how chimpanzees process facial expressions, configurally or using feature-based cues, can be re-addressed in a more controlled fashion by manipulating action units individually and in combinations and presenting these to subjects using similar discrimination studies as described earlier. Citations Publications citing this paper. An alternative, and arguably a more intuitive, approach is to first match human and chimpanzee expressions based on the muscular components, and then make inferences about the emotional quality of human faces that are structurally homologous to chimpanzee expressions.
The chimp faces could then be compared to human smiles. Furthermore, the data indicated that the facial expression in addition to vocalization, as well as the facial expression alone, were used differently in social play, for instance, when in physical contact with playmates and when matching playmates' open-mouthed faces. Research programs are seeking ways to: An evolutionary perspective on human facial displays. The teeth are together, though the lips are opened wide. After this, the sample stimulus clears the screen and they are presented with two alternative stimuli, one matches the sample on predetermined stimulus dimension, i.
Our smiling faces have a long history; your Chimp facial expressions could be five million years old. Sometimes a smile says more than words. We smile silently and we laugh loudly, both examples of how we adapt our faces for our social world. When we smile, several features of our face change. We can do it independently of talking or making laughter sounds. But how our smiles came to be has not always been clear.
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